First Parish
8am Service

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A Compact, Paperless,

Sunday Worship
for Early Risers

On Sunday March 17,
we welcome Alan Smith

as our Service Leader

Welcome by Leader
Passing of the Peace
Call to Worship
Opening Hymn
Unison Prayer on Invocation
Holy Communion (1st Sun. of month)
Scripture Discussion
Prayer Time
The Lord’s Prayer
Thank you for offerings at door
Prayer of Dedication
Closing Hymn
Benediction Hymn
Upcoming Worship Leaders
Please see EJ if you would like to be added to the list of leaders.  
Mar 17 - Al;an Smith
Mar 24 - Peter Gray
Mar 31 - John Laveriere
Apr.    7 - Rev Deborah Breault.  Communion
         14 -  Free
         21 -  Sue Burgess
         28 -  Alan Smith
May.   5 -  Rev Deborah Breault
         12 -  John Laveriere
         19 -  Free
         26 -  Alan Smith
Thank you all for your amazing support for this service.
Upcoming Scripture Readings
March 17.    -     Luke 15: 1-4 and 11b-32
March 24:     -     Luke 13: 1-9.
May change as Peter Gray is doing this service, and he will elect his own reading.
 He may or may not have us read it, and Fred I will make sure he knows to let you know on Monday 3/18 what scripture it will be if he wants to have us read it aloud.
March 31      -      
Free pick.  Do your favorite John.  Just let Fred know which one you are doing    
Monday 3/25.  This is Pilgrim Lodge Sunday and no scriptures are listed by Deborah.
April 7.     -  Deborah does John 12:1-8
April 14.     -        Luke:  19:  28-40
April 21.     -        No 8 am service.  Easter Sunday
April 28.     -         John: 20: 19-31
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