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January 20
, 2019
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CONTINUING TESTAMENT We believe that God is STILL speaking, and while our faith is two thousand years old our thinking is not.
EXTRAVAGANT WELCOME We believe that no matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here; because unity (not uniformity) is valued, diversity is treasured, and adversity is not feared.
CHANGING LIVES We believe that participation in this faith community changes lives both within and beyond the walls of our sanctuary.

The paraments are white for the Season of Christmas                    

Deacons today are Chris DiMatteo, Cheryl Gray and Pam Mohlin.
this week are Marcia Lord, Jim Wheater, Makengo Nzeza and Vicky Shaw.

Lisa in the Nursery today is Abbie Henry.

The Acolyte is Sagan Guerrette.

Working in the Media Booth is Eric Steva.
Diana Burton
is working as the Web Host today.

Please join us for fellowship after worship this morning
We thank the Diaconate for hosting Fellowship today.
Next week Council will be hosting the coffee hour.

Total Attendance Last Sunday:8 AM: 18   10 AM: 131 Live Streaming: 22 Church School: 33  Nursery:  6

There is a 2019 Budget Hearing Today January 13, after church at 11:30 am in the Sanctuary.

Today is our “Annual Affirmation Meeting”
after church at 11:30 am

Everyone is encouraged to attend. 
We need to have a quorum, so please take the time to come.


       “We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.”
                                                                                                                   Bill Richardson


                   This happens tomorrow!! 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service January 21, 2019

           Not A Day Off, But A Day On - Life’s most urgent question is


                           “What are you doing for others?”   -Martin Luther King           
First Parish will open its doors to all who need a helping hand from 9AM to 1 PM.


We are looking for people to:

            Help with set up after our “Annual Affirmation Meeting” which follows
the 10AM worship service. 
Thank you!

SACO FOOD PANTRY NEEDS   The Saco Food Pantry needs non-perishable food items. Monetary donations and pet food are always welcome. This month's item of the month is Canned Vegies and Fruits. Thank you.


ANNOUNCEMENTS   Please remember that the BEST way to share your news is in the MESSENGER and the WEEKLY UPDATE which is in the church bulletin each week and on the screen in the sanctuary before Worship begins.

  CLYNK BAGS are always available for your deposit bottles.  Please see Kris or a member of the CE team. These bottles are a Youth Fellowship fundraiser and we appreciate your donating them.  Thank you.

Our 2017 VBS Mission  Project was the Ronald McDonald House in Portland.  Everyday, up to twenty-one families call Ronald McDonald House their “home-away from- home.” There are many ways we can all help. The first and easiest is just to Pull for the Ronald McDonald House Ounce by Ounce, Pound by Pound, YOU can make a ton of difference for the Ronald McDonald House. It’s easy Pop off the Aluminum tabs from soda, tennis balls, soup, pet food etc.

FLOWERS Would you like to give flowers for the altar in memory or honor of a loved one? 

KEYS Please remember that if you have a key you no longer need, that you must return the key to the office. Anyone in need of a key can make request through the church office or facilities. This ensures that we can track who has access to the building at a given time. Thank You.

FACEBOOK For news, events and fun pics please like our First Parish Saco UCC Facebook page.  To promote events or to send pics of recently completed events email Good News Team Member Al Sicard at

CONGREGATIONAL BLESSING OF PRAYER SHAWLS You are invited to offer a silent word of blessing as they pass by the hand- knit shawls this morning as they leave the sanctuary at the close of worship.  


First Parish of Saco Communication Covenant

Recognizing that we are all Children of God, created equally in the image of God, and therefore deserving of respect and required to have integrity as individual persons, and recognizing that the work of community involves understanding and embracing diversity, we covenant with God and each other, to communicate in the follow ways:

  • Value input from everyone equally.
  • Encourage all to participate. Monitor the length and frequency of our own comments during conversations.
  • Listen attentively to everyone involved. Use electronics constructively and respectfully.
  • Describe behavior, with love and without judgment, when giving feedback, being mindful to focus on the issue not the person.
  • Speak directly and respectfully to the person with whom we have a concern.
  • Tell your own stories, speak of your own experiences and avoid reporting the grievances or experiences of others. Use “I” statements.
  • Engage in collaborative dialogue.
  • Respect and honor the confidentiality of all private information.


Empowered through this covenant we will seek reconciliation as children of God and followers of Jesus Christ.


         Adopted 4.10.17


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