2018 Annual Affirmation Information
for FPC Members


By Law

Doc. with changes in red
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PDF document

New By Law

complete document

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C    H    U    R    C    H           C    O    U    N    C    I    L


• Charitable
Contributions and
Memorial Gifts Team
• Facilities Team
• Good News/Information
Systems Team
• Investments Team
• Johnson Atkinson Fund Team
• Money Counting Team
• Personnel Team
• Stewardship Team

Discipleship and
Fellowship Ministry

• Calling Ministry Group
• Christian Education Team
• History and Library Team
• Hospitality Team
• Meals Ministry Group
• Men’s Fellowship Group
• Missions Team
• Nominating and Volunteer
• Coordination Team
• Prayer Group
• Program Development Team
• Top of the Hill Gang
• Women’s Fellowship
• United Church of Christ Delegates
• Women’s Fellowship Group


• Diaconate Team
• Flower and Altar Team
• Media Team
• Music and Arts Team
• Parish Pastoral Relations Team

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