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First Parish Congregational Church has a variety of spaces available for rent. Our contemporay spaces are fully ADA compliant, including a wheelchair ramp, an elevator, and a wheelchair lift which makes all levels accessible within the building.  In our sanctuary our pews have built-in wheelchair spaces.

The Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary has seating for up to 400 people for functions such as weddings, funerals, concerts, lectures or other approved events. All sight lines are clear. The sanctuary also features a state of the art audio & visual system, which allows for video projection, event recording, audio mixing and recording, and broadcast of sanctuary events to all areas of the facility as well as online.

The seats curve which makes for a more intimate and friendly seating arrangement.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen you will find a fully equipped stainless steel setup for food cooking, preparation, and clean up. The kitchen can be used for cooking classes, serving finger food for social events, or delivering full course meals. Stoves, baking ovens, and warming ovens are all part of the offerings.

The all-stainless steel kitchen has 2 islands and a dishwashing center.

The Atrium

The atrium consists of our foyer, Workshop Hall, and Fellowship Hall. These sizeable spaces can function as single units using our moveable, full height, wall partions. When the the partitions are stored all 3 spaces create a very large hall. This gives any user the flexibility to work the spaces as needed to fit defined needs. On this level is a fully appointed parlor, coat racks, and restrooms. A Quiet Room has a large window looking into the sanctuary.

The atrium is 3-spaces-in-1 with use
of walls on ceiling tracks (not shown).

The Second Floor

On our second floor the Flexible Use and Conference Rooms are available for regular group meeting rental. The Flexible Use room is set up as needed, whereas the Conference room is already set up with wood meeting tables and comfortable chairs. A whiteboard is available in the Conference Room. Restrooms are at the end of the hall and the balcony entrance is at the other end.

The Lower Level

On the lower level classrooms and a nursery are available for rental. These spaces work very well for teaching classes, music lessons, tutoring, crafting, meetings or other approved requests. All classrooms and the nursery have sinks and cleaning accessories. The Youth Room is the largest and has a self-contained lounge and kitchen area. Next to the Youth Room are male and female restrooms with 2 shower stalls in each restroom.

To pursue your rental call the Church office at 283-3771 or email us at office@firstparishsaco,org.
Church Office Hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

To facilitate the rental process, download our Building Rental and Usage Handbook with all the inforrmation and forms you need to rent from First Parish.



 Our Rental or Usage Handbook contains all the policies 
and rental forms you need to rent or use our facility.

Click buttons to download PDF files:





Below Is Our Facility in Photographic Detail



The Sanctuary Size  ♦  Capacity: 400

The Atrium Size  ♦  Capacity: 100  ♦  

Fellowship Hall Size: ♦  Capacity: 100  ♦

Workshop Room Size:  ♦  Capacity: 100  ♦

Parlor Size: ♦  Capacity: 10  ♦


Grand piano sitting in the sanctuary near the choir area.

The altar, pulpit, and lectern are all on wheels and can be
easily rolled away.  On the left (not shown) is a ramp that 

leads to the raised dias.

Besides the grand piano, the sanctuary has an
organ that has both analog and digital features.

Two screens can be lowered/raised in the
sanctuary,one on the left and one on the right.


The Media Room records video and audio coming
 the sanctuary's mic and robotic cameras.  
From here we can broadcast throughout
the building or out to the world wide web.


This looks into the sanctuary from the dais.
At the bottom center of this photo is the Quiet Room
(dislpayed below) where anyone can still see and
hear the event but not disturb others.

People exiting from the sanctuary/narthex 
into the tiled-floor atrium.

This first space is Fellowship Hall with its wood floor,
further back is the Workshop Room.

We have both card tables as well as 6' tables.

All tables and chairs are easily moved via racks.

The parlor is positioned just outside the narthex/sanctuary, 
and gives guests a feeling of being at home.

The library and history room sits mid-landing 
of the stairwell that goes from the
atrium to the second level.




We are located at 12 Beach Street, Saco, Maine, sitting
at the corner of Main and Beach Streets for 250 years.

This is the Middle Street Extension entrance
which  includes a handicap access ramp (shown below).


Conference Size: ♦  Capacity: 20  ♦

Flexible Use Room Size: ♦  Capacity: 20  ♦


The conference room makes for a very pleasant meeting. 

The flexible use room is just that,
a room that provides for different functions.


Church School Room Size: ♦  Capacity: 20  ♦

The photos above and below show 2 of the classrooms.

Next to the youth room are the men's and
women's  restrooms complete with showers.

The 3 photos below show the Youth room
with its lounge and its kitchenette features.



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